Outgun Rust

Gun Lubrication



Rob utilized Rust Patrol® No VOCs to clean and lubricate his Glock 23 with a 9mm barrel (a conversion that often leads to reliability issues due to added friction) before the Liberty Match at Valley Forge, PA, an IDPA Tier 3 Sanctioned Match in October 2016. The competition occurred in raining, 45-degree weather with about 300 rounds shot.


Solution & Results

Rob had ZERO malfunctions or hiccups of any kind (other than operator error). Out of 190 competitors, he won the expert class, the concealed carry pistol division and overall most accurate shooter.


Afterwards, Rob discovered his gun could likely go at least 1,500 more rounds before he needed to clean it again. A 5-time improvement over his current cleaner! Rob also noticed there was considerably less buildup within the pistol itself, which typically leads to malfunctions.


“Thank you Rust Patrol, for saving me time, boosting my match performance, and making a quality product far superior than any brand I’ve used before. It has excellent lubricity and adhesion. The residue collected was minimal. Even in the challenging conditions I had while shooting, I know it prevented malfunctions or any hang up from occurring.”


“It’s also used by us when a bolt is seized by rust. We spray some Rust Patrol® No VOCs on the bolt, let it set a minute or two, and we can get it loose. I have also used it on a customer’s cargo trailer door that had seized up at the hinges. A couple of squirts, some pulling and tugging to get it worked into the hinge, and it was like a new trailer. I love the stuff, and you have a customer for life.”

Rob Annechiarico
Wilmington, NC