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A-76 Technologies Relaunches as Aidant Brands with products under the Rust Patrol line — Aidant Brands

A-76 Technologies Relaunches as Aidant Brands with products under the Rust Patrol line

A-76 Technologies, Inc., a multi-purpose anti-corrosion coatings and lubricants provider, announced this week that A-76 Technologies, Inc. has officially changed its name to Aidant Brands™  and re-branded it’s A-76 line of preservation coatings under the Rust Patrol™ line.


Aidant Brands, as A-76 Technologies, launched in 2014 after winning second place at the Rice Business Plan Competition with their eponymous technology, developed by Dr. James Tour, a professor at Rice University. Since 2014, the company and its team have received numerous accolades, including Bloomberg’s list of “9 Hot B-School Start-Ups from Competition Season”, Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, and the Houston Chronicle’s “Start-Ups to Watch.”


Aidant Brands™, has undertaken an extensive rebranding to speak better to its customers, both in the industrial and household space, as well as to plan for future expansion. Additionally, a new product was launched in the Rust Patrol line.  The current line now includes Rust Patrol™  (formerly A-76 Super), Rust Patrol™: No VOCs (formerly A-76 Green), and Rust Patrol™ : Incorrustible™ .  Incorrustible™ is a newly launched variation of Rust Patrol with longer lasting rust prevention capabilities, protecting equipment in storage for up to two years.


“This name change better reflects the current and future direction of the company,” said Lauren Thompson Miller, CEO and Co-Founder, “We’re excited about the ‘Rust Patrol’ name and being more directly associated with rust prevention.


“We are also excited about the transition to ‘Aidant Brands,'” continued Miller, “‘Aidant’ is an old word meaning ‘helpful’ and that is our goal. We strive to be a solution provider to our customers.”


As part of Aidant Brands’ efforts to help customers, the company is launching a blog with DIY tips, corrosion prevention information, and corrosion calamities to illustrate the multi-billion dollar problem of corrosion.  Rust Patrol™ is available through industrial distributors, hardware stores, and online retailers, including Amazon.  Visit to learn more.


About Aidant Brands and Rust Patrol

Aidant Brands™ is a specialty chemicals company, serving a wide range of industries, including energy, maritime, transportation and households.  All Aidant Brands’ Rust Patrol products work in high-humidity, high salinity environments and are compatible with electronics. Additionally, all products are compliant with the Montreal Protocol, are non-toxic, and are not known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm (California Proposition 65).


More information on Aidant Brands and its Rust Patrol line can be found online at