Ten Questions With John Villarreal

John Villaareal

Describe yourself in a Twitter-length bio (140 Characters or less)

I’m a BP Retiree and now I’m at Interests LLC as a Managing Officer, I also co-own CrossFit Southwell with my daughter, and Aidant /Rust Patrol Brand Ambassador.

What has been your biggest challenge project?

Raising 2 redheaded kids and putting them through College.

When you’re on the go, what radio station/ podcast are you listening to?

 I like to focus on the task at hand,  I prefer silence

What is the top item on your bucket list?

Workout daily and continue to enjoy a healthy and fit life

What’s your biggest small success? (Ex: if you’re a bad driver, you’re not getting into a wreck every day)

Marrying and listening to my wife

What’s your poison?


Let’s talk rust: where has corrosion been the biggest bane of your existence (even if it’s just a gate that won’t stop squeaking)?

Restoration of a 58 T-Bird

What was your last splurge?

Attending the CrossFit Games in Carson California

What are you doing on Saturday?

Coaching at CrossFit Southbell and attending the California Regional

If you were a pro-Athlete, what sport are you playing?









Finding the Right Rust Preventer

Rust Patrol is the best line of rust preventers on the market today. Our industrial grade, anti-corrosion coatings are also safe to use in your home to fight rust, lubricate, and free rusted parts.

Which product is right for you?

Each variable of Rust Patrol has a distinct difference from the other. Let’s start with our standard orange bottle, that provides up to one year of protection.

Rust Patrol:

 A single undisturbed coat of Rust Patrol will last up to one year even in the harshest of environments. The major difference of Rust Patrol compared to No VOCs and/or Incorrustible, is its penetrant abilities to free rusted parts, remove debris, rust, and gunk from things like machinery and any metal surface. 

A bonus to using Rust Patrol is that it can also be applied to Rust Patrol as a wood finish to make the wood fiber “pop” and look new. Without a finish, wood can dry, crack and deteriorate, using Rust Patrol on wood as a finish helps to prevent these events. 

No VOCs:

Rust Patrol No VOCs is a great option when applying it in a small, enclosed space that are not well ventilated. This version of Rust Patrol has 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is safe for the environment, and meets the requirements for California Prop 65. The product prevents corrosion for up to one year. 

This is also a great option for restoring fragile metalware such as guns and rifles, jewelry, keys etc. With No VOC’s you can treat both the gun stock and the barrel, leaving you with only one product. 


Rust Patrol Incorrustible is our long-lasting rust preventer that lasts up to 2 years on metal surfaces. This is the perfect product solution for projects that get delayed and the product must stay in storage for a long length of time. 

Incorrustible is applicable for automotive industry. If you are driving on a snowy road where it is salted, the undercarriage of the car will rust. By applying Incorrustible onto the car, salt solutions will not affect the car. 


Benefits of using Rust Patrol

Rust Patrol is definitely a do-everything product that can be used on any metal and wood surface. Rust Patrol stops squeaks, prevents rusts, lubricates metalware such as bicycle chains, machinery with moving parts, as well as a penetrant blocking off water from your electronics or metal surface it is applied to.


Corrosion Quick Facts

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is the degradation of materials due to chemical reactions with their environments.

Corrosion is responsible for accidents, failures, and loss of production

Metallic corrosion is one of the largest single expenses in the US economy

Direct Costs

(costs incurred by owners/operators, manufacturers, and suppliers)

Back-Up Components
Loss of productive time

Indirect Costs

(costs incurred by non-owner/operator activities)

Penalties, Litigation
Loss of productivity

Rick’s Thunderbird Restoration

We’ve all heard of a “Rust Bucket.”  It’s that car that you see ambling down the highway at a speed approximately 15 miles under the speed limit.  The car may first be hidden behind a cloud of exhaust as you move to quickly pass and avoid asphyxiation.  As you pass, you notice that the paint has long since chipped away and the steel exterior of the vehicle is the color that you picture when you hear “tetanus.”

What about when you don’t want your car to become a rust bucket?

One Rust Patrol user, Rick, faced that dilemma when looking at his beautiful 1957 Ford Thunderbird.  There was no way that he was going to allow his vehicle to turn into a Rust Bucket.  Accordingly, Rick set about carefully protecting his Thunderbird so that it would operate well for years to come.

First, Rick tackled the internal problems.  He had always been plagued by a jumping mechanical tachometer cable that gets its’ source rotation from the distributor.  Rick applied Rust Patrol to the steel cable sheath. In doing so, Rust Patrol was able to penetrate and lubricate the rotating cable, preventing binding.


Next, he dealt with the carburetor.  The carburetor downshift levers would frequently stick.  Rick doesn’t like using heavy oils or greases to keep them free, so he tried Rust Patrol instead.  Rust Patrol’s penetrating capabilities came into play again and they were able to penetrate to free the levers. The long-lasting formula keeps the carburetor downshift levers free and working smoothly.


As with any steel parts, Rick had corrosion problems.  His OEM single piston brake master cylinder was prone to rusting.  One spray application of Rust Patrol and a wipe-off took care of the rust and is protecting it.  Although Rust Patrol is not technically a rust remover or cleaner, the penetrating qualities means that Rust Patrol can get below the artificial corrosion on the surface.  Getting to the metal surface also allows Rust Patrol to prevent future corrosion for a long time.


Rick also had an issue with his transmission staying in gear.  The detents in the shifter mechanism haven’t always seated the tranny in Park securely.  After an application of Rust Patrol, the problem is no more!


As Rick put it:  “Pulling the emergency brake mechanism has been an embarrassment; the force required almost pops a hemorrhoid.”  Yikes!  However, a liberal application of Rust Patrol penetrated alongside and into the mechanism to break down that corrosion, free it from rust, and lubricate the slide mechanism to work like it has never worked before.


Some problems had been plaguing Rick for years.  The Thunderbird’s under-the-dash mechanical speedo cable had always had hang-ups that caused a jumping needle.  By swabbing Rust Patrol over the wound cable sheath and letting it soak, Rick was able to solve this decade-old problem.


Did you know that back in the day, the only cabin floor ventilation was from vents that opened from the side of the front fenders?  Unfortunately, the mechanisms were exposed to the rain, salt, dust, rust, and other elements.  To compound the problem, the mechanisms could not be washed out.  After 60 years, the vents squeaked when forced open and shut – if they worked at all.  A liberal spray application of Rust Patrol into the internal mechanisms solved that problem! Now, the vents move smoothly, so Rick can enjoy the ventilation without the horrible squeaks.


After dealing with the mechanical issues, Rick turned to some of the superficial problems.  His unrestored engine had faded paint valve covers. Using Rust Patrol, he was able to bring them back to a nice satin shine.


One of the biggest headaches of all was the squeaky, screechy, and clunky sounding door hinge stops that were a constant problem, no matter what Rick tried!  After a spray application of Rust Patrol, he has finally solved that problem! Those squeaks and terrible noises are now a thing of the past.


A nuisance for Rick is that his T-Bird’s rear bumper chrome has flecked off.  Unfortunately, the exposed steel has rusted.  An application of Rust Patrol and a little rubbing has removed the rust.  Furthermore, the corrosion has not returned after washing.


Now, with the help of Rust Patrol, Rick’s Thunderbird is ready to roll (pun intended) and working better than ever!


Thank you, Rick, for sharing your experience with Rust Patrol with us!  To submit your own experience with Rust Patrol, send us a message at [email protected] or Submit a Story online.




Understanding the Brand Ambassador Application

We like to be transparent with our operations. In our Brand Ambassador Program Announcement blog post (Brand Ambassador Post), we listed questions that we want answered when you apply for a Brand Ambassador position.

We’re straight shooters, so we’re going to let you know our exact reasoning for everything. No fancy legal talk, no dancing around issues, and I’m going to be as harsh as possible.

Why do I need to complete an application to be a Brand Ambassador?

To weed out people.

Seriously? It’s not like it’s any cost to you until I make a sale.

Actually, no.

Going through applications, interviewing prospects, checking references, etc. takes a lot of time.  We are very strict about following proper hiring processes to make sure that we bring the best possible people on our Squad and that they are a fit for our brand.

When hiring for open positions previously, we received ~200-250 applicants per open position.  Since we only conduct phone interviews with 15-20 people, we need to know that you’re serious.  If you are not willing to take a few minutes to complete the application, then you will probably not like taking the time to fill out a Lead Form or to follow up with potential customers.

Finally, the application questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about how you plan to actually participate as a Brand Ambassador.

OK, fine. Let’s start with the General Questions.  What are those about?

The general questions ask about five things: if you have a current Driver’s License, if you’ve ever worked for Aidant Brands, if you or someone you know is an investor or relative to an Aidant Brands employee, if you can legally work, and if you’re at least 18 years of age.

We ask if you have a Driver’s License because for many geographies, having a current Driver’s License will be a necessity in order for you to fully achieve your potential as a Brand Ambassador.  Being unable to travel to events where you could promote the brand or to travel to meetings could hinder your ability as a Brand Ambassador.

We ask if you’ve previously worked for the company and/or are/know an investor or company employee so that we can ensure full transparency.  Answering yes to these factors does not help or hurt your candidacy. We simply want to be open and honest.

We ask if you can legally work in your territory, because…it’s legal. Not much to say here!  As a start-up, we are not able to sponsor visas, but we hope that you will stay in touch with us for the future if your situation should change.

We do require all Brand Ambassadors to be at least 18 years of age or a legal adult.  If you are a minor, we consider individuals on a case-by-case basis for internships.


You must have at least a high school degree or GED in order to be qualified for the Brand Ambassador role. We need to know that you have the necessary verbal, written, and math skills in order to be able to fulfill your duties as a Brand Ambassador.  If you did not complete high school, but completed your GED, please note so in “Other.”

If you are still in school (trade school, college/junior college, or graduate degree), we encourage you to consider becoming the on-campus Brand Ambassador for your school.  Additionally, we are happy to work with you to determine if you can obtain class credit for your work with Aidant Brands.

We are curious about your plans for future education largely because we want to help you to achieve your goals.  It is also an indicator for us of what you are looking for in the long run.


The most important skill that we require is comfort and familiarity with MS Office Suite and cloud-based storage.  Using these programs will be an integral part of the role.  If you are not proficient with computers, especially MS Office Suite, I encourage you to look into courses near you.  Playing around with the programs by yourself is also an excellent way to learn. Look up tips and tricks online and challenge yourself to build a budget in excel, a presentation in power point, etc. using these tips and tricks.

Some licenses, certificates, and certifications are beneficial for the job. For example, NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certifications are directly relevant to our role in the corrosion industry.  Similarly, some honors, recognition, and other skills/training may be directly beneficial to the role.

Rust Patrol is a product that has already been sold internationally and is applicable to markets around the world.  Accordingly, multi-lingual skills can be a huge asset to a Brand Ambassador (though is not a requirement).  Fluency in English is a requirement for the role because all provided printed materials and trainings will be conducted in English.


Many Brand Ambassadors are interested in the role because of their previous work experience.  We want to know what you’ve done, so we can better understand how you plan to work with Aidant Brands.  Although previous work experience is beneficial, it is not a requirement for entry into the Brand Ambassador program, particularly for students who are interested in becoming an on-campus representative.

Our biggest concern with regards to work experience and current position, especially for those who are currently working full-time, is avoiding conflict of interest.  If you are working for a company who is a potential customer for Rust Patrol products, your current employment agreement almost certainly excludes you from receiving commission as a Brand Ambassador on sales to your employer due to conflict of interest clauses.  You can likely still become a Brand Ambassador without issue, but simply could not be the representative to your employer.  We hold ourselves to a very high ethical standard and want to ensure that we (including our representatives) are never in a position where we could be accused of a conflict of interest or bribery.  If you fail to disclose that you are serving as a Brand Ambassador to your employer, it could be ground for immediate dismissal from the Brand Ambassador program.


Having a criminal history does not disqualify you for consideration and/or entry into the Brand Ambassador program.  We are supporters of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program ( and support prisoner re-entry into society.  That being said, we ask about criminal history in the interest of transparency.  We need to know that we will not place you in a compromising situation as well.


Simply, we want to know more about you!  Also, your hobbies and interests may be directly applicable to your role as a Brand Ambassador.  For example, many interested Brand Ambassadors want to turn their love of hunting/firearms into a role promoting Rust Patrol as a gun cleaner/lubricant.


If you feel that there is anything that is not covered in your resume or application that should be addressed, please include it as a note here.


This questionnaire is an integral part to the application. We want to get you thinking about how you will operate as a Brand Ambassador in advance.  Aidant Brands fulfills orders through distributors, so consider how you may wish to engage a distributor as well.  Working with distributors is also an excellent way to drive higher volumes of sales, which means a larger commission for you.

What is your industry background?

We ask about your industry background to understand your knowledge and skills better.  For example, if you have worked in plumbing or welding for decades, you have knowledge that is directly applicable to your role as a Brand Ambassador.

What is an example of a potential customer(s) on which you would focus as a potential lead?

To be clear: we are not asking this question in order to try to steal from your knowledge of potential customers.  We need to know that you are aware of who would actually use Rust Patrol. If you name a large company, consider which division would actually use Rust Patrol.

Who is the party at your example customer who has purchasing power? 

In many instances, especially at large companies, the actual user of Rust Patrol is not the purchaser and/or does not have purchasing power.  Consider who you will need to engage to actually get to a purchase order. Is it the Maintenance Manager? Purchasing Manager? Some combination of the two?

Describe the sales cycle for your target end user(s).

We want you to consider how long it will take to get this customer to a purchase order and what may be required along the way.  Do they go through a stringent testing protocol? Does the product need to enter a specification? Or do they simply purchase and use it?

How would you engage this customer?

Would you speak to a specific party?  Or work with a distributor to engage them?  How would you get in the front door?

What are uses and applications that you see for Rust Patrol?

To be frank, a large reason for this question is simply learning if you have looked at our website at all.  We have previously had applicants who had clearly not taken the time to look at our website.  We want you to know what you’re getting into.

Additionally, we love hearing new ideas for our products as well as seeing the creativity of people with whom we work.  We expanded from industrial-only sales to households upon the suggestion of some of our customers.  One of the benefits of being a start-up is that if there is a market in which we should be operating, we are able to pivot very quickly.

What is the primary geography in which you will operate?

We want to make sure that we are not oversaturating a market with Brand Ambassadors.

What is the primary language in which you will operate as a Brand Ambassador?

Although we require fluency in English so that you may understand us and the materials that we provide, you may operate as a Brand Ambassador in the language most directly applicable to the customers who you wish to engage.  If we notice that we have a trend towards a certain language, it is a sign to us that we should consider having marketing materials translated and printed in that language.

For Interested On-Campus Brand Ambassadors

Currently, we allow a maximum of two Brand Ambassadors per campus.  Please note that your role as a Brand Ambassador for your school will end with your graduation.  We want to make sure that this role is only fulfilled by current students.


This section is optional to complete, but is very helpful for us in determining the effectiveness of our advertising efforts, both for this program as well as for our products in general.  Whether or not you choose to complete this section will not have an impact on your candidacy.


I hope that this detailed run though of the application helped to further answer any questions that you may have about the application or what we are looking for when bringing candidates into the Brand Ambassador program.  To apply, submit your resume and the application to [email protected].  A cover letter is not required.