High Caliber Protection

Defense OnPoint Shooting Team



The Defense OnPoint Shooting Team travels for local, state & national shooting range competitions. The products currently used to maintain the weapons cause the gun to gum up which results in low performance.



Frequent traveling also means frequent climate changes: humidity and temperature can negatively affect the mechanics within a firearm. Based on the amount of use the Onpoint Shooting Team’s guns receive, they were on the lookout for a firearm product that protects the inside as well as the outside.



In preparing for the Smith and Wesson Indoor Nationals, the participants practiced for three weeks, firing approximately 3000 rounds of .45 cal. During this period, the weapon was transported, fired, and stored approximately eleven times.


After the training period, the weapon was broke down for inspection. Using Rust Patrol® No VOCs kept the gun running smooth experiencing zero malfunctions. In addition, the gun appeared cleaner than when using other brands. Usually by this time the gun handler would notice some rust appearing on the sights, the team was very pleased when this didn’t occur. Rust Patrol’s No VOCs exceeded all expectations.