Finding the Right Rust Preventer

Finding the Right Rust Preventer

Rust Patrol is the best line of rust preventers on the market today. Our industrial grade, anti-corrosion coatings are also safe to use in your home to fight rust, lubricate, and free rusted parts.

Which product is right for you?

Each variable of Rust Patrol has a distinct difference from the other. Let’s start with our standard orange bottle, that provides up to one year of protection.

Rust Patrol:

 A single undisturbed coat of Rust Patrol will last up to one year even in the harshest of environments. The major difference of Rust Patrol compared to No VOCs and/or Incorrustible, is its penetrant abilities to free rusted parts, remove debris, rust, and gunk from things like machinery and any metal surface. 

A bonus to using Rust Patrol is that it can also be applied to Rust Patrol as a wood finish to make the wood fiber “pop” and look new. Without a finish, wood can dry, crack and deteriorate, using Rust Patrol on wood as a finish helps to prevent these events. 

No VOCs:

Rust Patrol No VOCs is a great option when applying it in a small, enclosed space that are not well ventilated. This version of Rust Patrol has 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is safe for the environment, and meets the requirements for California Prop 65. The product prevents corrosion for up to one year. 

This is also a great option for restoring fragile metalware such as guns and rifles, jewelry, keys etc. With No VOC’s you can treat both the gun stock and the barrel, leaving you with only one product. 


Rust Patrol Incorrustible is our long-lasting rust preventer that lasts up to 2 years on metal surfaces. This is the perfect product solution for projects that get delayed and the product must stay in storage for a long length of time. 

Incorrustible is applicable for automotive industry. If you are driving on a snowy road where it is salted, the undercarriage of the car will rust. By applying Incorrustible onto the car, salt solutions will not affect the car. 


Benefits of using Rust Patrol

Rust Patrol is definitely a do-everything product that can be used on any metal and wood surface. Rust Patrol stops squeaks, prevents rusts, lubricates metalware such as bicycle chains, machinery with moving parts, as well as a penetrant blocking off water from your electronics or metal surface it is applied to.