Better than the Rust

Major Oilfield Equipment



Customer is a major manufacturer of blowout preventers (BOPs) and they currently use a product that prevents rust for 45 days, but is extremely difficult to remove and requires a wipe down with rags before sandblasting or dangerous solvents are used to remove the remainder of the coating. The current product is very thick and is perceptible on the surface of the metal. It also does not penetrate into hard-to-reach places.



Customer wanted products that can (1) remove heavy rust and mill scale from Sample A without abrasive blasting and (2) protect equipment from corrosion for 60+ days in an outdoor storage yard, but does not require sandblasting to remove the coating.



Customer needed to remove corrosion from a 2 inch hot rolled steel plate, laser cut in 12 inch diameter circular sample with visible rust and mill scale (“Sample A”). Customer applied a complementary product to remove all rust to the molecular level.
Complementary product was applied, left to sit for 24 hours, then Sample A was power washed, resulting in a clean surface and no corrosion on Sample A.


After more than two months in outdoor storage, exposed to extreme weather, all surfaces coated with Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose were rust-free.  This result preserves the sample for future use without the need for expensive rust and/or coating removal techniques.