Don’t Metal With Rust

Premier Metal Buyers



Premier Metal Buyers purchased frac blocks and other metal equipment as “scrap” from the local facility of a Houston-based, major oilfield equipment manufacturer and supplier. This equipment was originally intended to be used in South Texas for fracturing-style horizontal drilling. Unfortunately, the drop in oil prices caused this equipment to become expendable.



To preserve the metal condition, re-certify them and later sell the parts when the market rebounds.


Solution & Results

Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose was applied with a pump-style garden sprayer at a 4-.5 mil dft on the body of the block with particular attention to threaded areas. The blocks were stored in a warehouse where the temperature and humidity is not controlled.


After three months, all surfaces coated with Rust Patrol® were rust-free, especially in the threaded areas. This result preserves the functionality of the block and value for eventual resale.