Ten Questions With John Villarreal

Ten Questions With John Villarreal

John Villaareal

Describe yourself in a Twitter-length bio (140 Characters or less)

I’m a BP Retiree and now I’m at Interests LLC as a Managing Officer, I also co-own CrossFit Southwell with my daughter, and Aidant /Rust Patrol Brand Ambassador.

What has been your biggest challenge project?

Raising 2 redheaded kids and putting them through College.

When you’re on the go, what radio station/ podcast are you listening to?

 I like to focus on the task at hand,  I prefer silence

What is the top item on your bucket list?

Workout daily and continue to enjoy a healthy and fit life

What’s your biggest small success? (Ex: if you’re a bad driver, you’re not getting into a wreck every day)

Marrying and listening to my wife

What’s your poison?


Let’s talk rust: where has corrosion been the biggest bane of your existence (even if it’s just a gate that won’t stop squeaking)?

Restoration of a 58 T-Bird

What was your last splurge?

Attending the CrossFit Games in Carson California

What are you doing on Saturday?

Coaching at CrossFit Southbell and attending the California Regional

If you were a pro-Athlete, what sport are you playing?