Trailer Duty

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Big Tex Trailers manufactures heavy-duty tailgates for commercial and industrial users. These trailers are made for work—hard work. And in the line of duty, nicks and scratches are common. This paint damage exposes the metal to water and other elements, allowing corrosion to occur and degrade the quality of the trailer.



Low-cost solution to prevent rust and preserve the high-quality of Big Tex trailers


Solution & Results

Big Tex discovered Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose as a fast and affordable solution for preventing rust. They started using it on trailers in their outdoor dealerships and are happy to report there are still no signs of rust. Big Tex now provides better service to their customers knowing with confidence their products will perform.


“It’s also used by us when a bolt is seized by rust. We spray some Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose on the bolt, let it set a minute or two, and we can get it loose. I have also used it on a customer’s cargo trailer door that had seized up at the hinges. A couple of squirts, some pulling and tugging to get it worked into the hinge, and it was like a new trailer. I love the stuff, and you have a customer for life.”

Sissy Brandon
General Manager