Extended Shelf Life

Parts in Storage



A company produces large metal valves for the mining and oil and gas industries. They produce all of the internal and external parts, and assemble as needed. They were having a problem with the steel parts on the shelf rusting before being assembled. In order to remove the rust, they had to increase assembly time their costs to produce. This company needed a solution.



They decided to use Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose in a dunk tank. The company purchased a 50 gal dunk tank with an agitator in the bottom, a lid to cover and an electric hoist to lift and lower the parts basket. This was installed, and they initiated the parts dunking procedure in November of 2015.


The company has not had any problems with any of the parts that were dunked in Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose. To this date, they still have parts on the shelf from the first month that still look like new.


This company will continue to use Rust Patrol®Multi-Purpose for this application and others that arise.