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Barge Fleet Upkeep



The nation’s largest inland tank barge fleet is operated out of Houston, TX. This company has several vessels that are leased to companies in a variety of industries. Their fleet is constantly exposed to harsh climates and weather conditions that cause wide-spread corrosion on the walls of their vessels, anchors, bolts, and pulleys. A lot of money is invested in the upkeep of every vessel, and the confidence that they stay performing and are in excellent condition is a must.



To protect and prevent rust on newer vessels moving forward.


Solution & Results

Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose was applied to the new vessels. The maintenance team brushed it on the walls as well as the anchors and other exposed metal surfaces. It didn’t change the color of the metal pieces like other products that have been used in the past, which is a huge plus. Upon a few months of using Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose, no new signs of rust have appeared.