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Rust Patrol Multi-Purpose

Protects | Penetrates | Lubricates | Repels Water

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Rust Patrol Heavy Duty

Industrial Grade Rust Preventer

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Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil

Lubricating Oil (No VOCs)

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"....On a scale to 1-10, i would always rate Rust Patrol a 10....”

~ Chuwkwudebe Ikenna Christopher - Baker Hughes, a GE Company

"This is a very good product! I did a little test of my own yesterday on a pick up truck to remove the bed. The bolts were rusty and an I used 'pb' on one side and Rust Patrol on the other. The Rust Patrol side came right loose and the other side did not. I ended up using Rust Patrol on top of the other product to get them off!"

~ Davin Blake - Driver of the #000 B-Modified Car

"Drill chucks are one of the hardest things to loosen. When sprayed with Rust Patrol they come right off."

~ Paul Miller - Yoder Service and Supply, Dundee, OH

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