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High Caliber Protection

High Caliber Protection

Posted by Lauren Miller on 31st Jan 2023

CASE STUDY | High Caliber Protection

Rust PatrolĀ® keeps OnPoint - on target!

Man shooting a pistol


The Defense OnPoint Shooting Team travels for local, state, and national shooting range competitions. The products currently used to maintain the weapons cause the guns to gum up, which results in low performance. Frequent traveling also means frequent climate changes: humidity and temperature can negatively affect the mechanisms within a firearm. In preparing for the Smith and Wesson Indoor Nationals, the participants practice for three weeks, firing approximately 3000 rounds of .45 cal. During this period, the weapon was transported, fired, and stored approximately eleven times.


Based on the amount of use the OnPoint Shooting Team's guns receive, they were on the lookout for a gun cleaner and lubricant that portects the inside as well as the outside of the firearm.

"Rust PatrolĀ® Lubricating Oil (No VOCs) exceeded all expectations!"

Looking down the inside of a pistol barrel


After the training period, the weapons were broken down for inspection. Using  Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil (No VOCs) kept the guns running smoothly, experiencing zero malfunctions. In addition, the gun appeared cleaner than when using other brands. Usually by this time the gun handler would notice some rust appearing on the sights; however, this corrosion bloom did not occur when using Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil (No VOCs).

(Note from the editor)

This post was originally written quite a while ago, but I thought it would be appropriate to put together once again based on an article I read in the  Wall Street Journal how Ukraine was waiting for repairs on weapons. Lots of mechanical issues and some related to corrosion. Gunpowder in any form is highly corrosive to firearms and weapons alike. Rust Patrol's ability to clean and lubricate firearms will greatly reduce wear and tear leading to corrosion and keep your firearms in top working condition. All the same principles apply to a pistol or howitzer and everything in-between