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Rust Patrol

Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil 7 oz Aerosol

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Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil (No VOCs) - Lubricant, Rust Preventer, and Moisture Displacer - 7 oz. Aerosol

Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil (No VOCs) works as an extremely efficient lubricant while providing up to one year of rust prevention. Using nanotechnology to move down into the grains of metal, Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil will stop the friction, grinding, and wear and tear of metal on metal, extending the life of your equipment. Whether at home or on the job, Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil is the product to get the job done right the first time!

  • LUBRICATION AND PROTECTION. Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil keeps parts lubricated with no need to sacrifice the protection of your equipment. Reduce the wear and tear on parts while preventing rust far beyond the competitions’ full strength rust prevention products.
  • DUAL-ACTION STRAW. Tired of losing the “little red straw”? Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil comes with a dual-action straw. Move the straw to the down position, it works as a fan spray that easily allows wide area coverage. Tilt the straw up to get in those tight, little places.
  • GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Stop fixing the same thing month after month! Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil protects equipment on the first try.
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA. Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil protects metals up to one year (depending on conditions). Its ability to keep metal lubricated extends the life of equipment year after year.
  • REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT. Corrosion and associated issues are a multi-billion dollar problem – reduce your waste by switching to Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil (No VOCs). Rust Patrol products do not contain CFCs, Phenols, heavy metals, silicone, PCs, PCBs, and TCDDs. Rust Patrol Lubricating Oil goes one step further as the variation without any volatile organic compounds.
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